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Thursday, September 7th, 2006
9:15 pm
Out of Town
I'll be out of town from tomorrow morning until Sunday evening, things have been pretty slow lately so I don't think there'll be any issues.
Monday, April 17th, 2006
5:18 pm
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be out of town for the rest of the week, I most likely won't have internet access while I'm out and I should be back by friday April, 21st.
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
8:53 am
Gone Again
I'll be out of town this week for field work. I should be back sometime on Saturday (the 25th). I may have sporadic internet access at my hotel, but not likely.

If you want to contact the other mods please use this post as the comments in this entry are not screened and I won't be able to check them regularly until I get back.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
5:21 pm
Gone Again
I'm leaving out of town bright and early tomorrow morning for some more field work. I won't be back until late on Friday (Jan. 20th). I won't have any access to my e-mail or anything, so I won't be able to approve new members until then.

Yay for freezing my butt off in the snow.

Current Mood: cold
Monday, October 24th, 2005
12:18 am
I will be gone again this week to Texas for some field work. I've been told we're staying in an old ranch house so I most likely won't have access to a computer or my e-mail. I should be back sometime Friday evening. It's been kind of slow recently, so hopefully it'll stay that way.

ETA: Comments on this entry are now screened
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
7:43 pm
Going to be gone
I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for some field work, I won't have any internet access while I'm gone. If work goes well I should be back Friday night.
Friday, July 8th, 2005
10:56 pm
Gone again
I'm going to be gone camping this weekend so I won't be around to approve members or give out the anon password. Should be back sometime Monday night.
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
6:27 pm
If you are submitting an anonymous journal for membership, please comment with the name of the anonymous journal, and your real journal here. All comments screened and deleted once reviewed.

Thank you!
Abortionstories mods
Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
12:17 am
Story_Mods Public Post
Please leave any correspondence you would like for the moderators to see here. All replies are screened and only moderators can see them.

-If you are requesting the password for story_anon please leave a link to your personal journal so that we may verify your authenticity. Please be assured that we will not share this information, this is only to assure that story_anon is not hijacked.

-If you are contacting us about inappropriate entries and/or comments please provide us with a link so that we can find and deal with the situation promptly.

-If you are contacting us because your membership to abortionstories was denied or would like to join the community with your own anonymous journal please give a bit of background about why you would like to join the community, a link to your personal journal, or any other information that would be useful. Again, this information is not shared, but is necessary to prevent troll journals from gaining access to the community. Please understand that we are highly suspicious of new journals with very little user info so be patient.

If you would like to contact the mods personally our e-mail addresses are listed in the user info of this community and our personal journals: katinthahat, musicmz and froggergirliee.
Friday, April 29th, 2005
2:58 pm
I'll be out of town this weekend on another camping trip so I won't be able to give out the story_anon password or approve new members. Hopefully people will do the smart thing and e-mail all of us for info.
Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:27 am
I'm going out in the field this weekend so I won't be around to give the story_anon password or answer my e-mail, just wanted to give a heads up.
Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
1:22 am
I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be on very much until next week, My grandfather passed away yesterday and I'm busy helping with arrangements and family stuff.

Current Mood: exhausted
Monday, May 10th, 2004
8:22 pm
My parents are kidnapping me tomorrow, and taking me somewhere to celebrate my birthday. I will be gone until Thursday, and even then I will be busy catching up with all the school work I will have missed. So I may not be actively watching again until the weekend.
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
12:09 am
It's spring break, so I'm heading down to San Jose. My laptop is still giving me all kinds of grief so I doubt I'll be taking it with me. My hotel will have a computer (I'm assuming) so I'll still check in on things, but I may not respond as quickly as I usually do. I will be back late Wednesday night.
Sunday, March 14th, 2004
11:33 pm
Won't be here
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Belize and won't have access to a computer. I should be back the 24th.

Thursday, January 29th, 2004
3:14 pm
Wanted to let you all know that as of tomorrow morning I will be away from all forms of computers for the weekend. Heading down to California for a pre-entrance exam. I might be back on Sunday, but safest to say not til Monday.

Have a great weekend!
Friday, October 3rd, 2003
10:13 am
I, too, will be out of town this weekend. I should be able to check my email, but I don't know how frequently, since I'll be at a math conference and not totally out of communication.
Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
11:57 am
Out of Town
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be out of town tommorow through Monday, have another camping excursion to go on. Question, If the posts are default friends only, how do I make them public so everyone can see that I'll be gone?

*Edit* Figured it out.

Current Mood: working
Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
3:43 pm
SO for some odd reason,there are no posts showing up when i open this main page?
Are the previous ones deleted,or is my browser just being weird?
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